Jeffrey Fishbein and Associates - Avoid Jeffery Fishbein and Associates

Alexandria, Virginia 0 comments

Using Jeffrery and Associates lawfirm in Lancaster, Ca has been a waste of time and money.They took my money and ran up my bill stating they were able to charge the legal fees to my spouse which they were unable to recover.

I found out from other attorneys they are a legal paper mill charging you by the sheet and by the minute to only pay for their expense office and paralegals. I should have shopped around for other attorneys outside of the Antelope Valley, CA. Mr. Jeffery's specially is estate planning and not divorce matters.

He loves to talk alot in court only to run up your legal bill which pissed off many of the judges.

Stay away from this firm at all cost.I plan on complaining with the bar association and litigate the case to recover some of my cost.

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